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Department of Speech and Language Therapy

The Department of Speech and Language Therapy undertakes the assessment and treatment of speech-related disorders and communication problems in children and adults. Such disorders can develop in children in early childhood while speech impairments can occur in adults due to any injury or illness such as paralysis, brain injury, or a severe stroke. Apart from normal speech and language-related problems, the other problems that are treated by our expert speech therapists include articulation disorders, receptive, fluency disorders, disorders associated with expression and cognitive-communication, Aphasia, Dysarthria, and resonance disorders. Dysphagia or oral feeding disorders are also an important cause where the patient finds difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.

Our speech therapist assists children in managing a wide range of speech difficulties along with language complications like Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. The therapy is highly beneficial for kids as they are not only able to speak clearly but also feel confident and less frustrated while speaking to other children. Thus, the therapy provides overall benefits at the emotional, social, and academic levels. Kids who start early in life are more benefitted as compared to those who start later in life in terms of language skills. Reading problems can be overcome using speech therapy as the therapists assist the children by making them listen and distinguish among the sounds of different words.

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