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Department of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

Pulmonary medicine emphasizes treating patients who are suffering from a wide range of diseases and conditions that affect the lungs, breathing, and the entire respiratory system. The disease can be severe to mild causing extreme difficulty in breathing. The various diseases that are treated by our pulmonologist include pneumonia, asthma, sleep apnea, shortness of breath, pulmonary embolism, acute and chronic bronchitis. These conditions result in changes in the breathing pattern due to obstructions and impact sleep leading to sleeping disorders. This affects the overall physical and mental health condition of the patient. Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine are closely related to each other because lack of good sleep causes changes in the breathing pattern which can further lead to other respiratory complications.

The department focuses on managing the above-mentioned complications because good quality sleep at the right time not only revitalizes the body but is also responsible for healthy brain functioning. Further, it enhances productivity by improving concentration, better immune system, and avoiding the chances of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Lack of sleep can affect social and emotional behavior, can cause depression, and increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. A number of tests are conducted by our pulmonologist while examining any lung disease such as spirometry, spirogram, lung function test to measure the functioning and effectiveness of lungs and the efficiency for inflow and outflow of oxygen.

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Dr. Vijayant Solanki

MBBS, MD (Respiratory Medicine), IDCCM, EDIC(1), SCE by (UK) & EDARM

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