Privacy Policy - Apex Hospitals Jaipur, Rajasthan

Privacy Policy

Apex Hospitals is committed to the protection of the confidential information provided by the user and we take appropriate security measures to safeguard all such information against any unauthorized access or disclosure. The Privacy policy explains the collection, usage, sharing, and protection of personal information of the user while using our website. We strictly allow the use of all such information to persons only who need to provide any services to the user. It is hereby confirmed that the user is bound by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and by using our services or providing us your personal information, you hereby consent to our collection, using, and sharing of information as mentioned in this privacy policy

Further, we reserve the right to remove, amend or modify any section or a specific part of the terms of this privacy policy. Apex Hospitals will make all such decisions at their discretion and if the user does not agree with this privacy policy any time, it is advised not to use any of the services and provide any of your personal information. In case the user is using the services, on behalf of another individual, for example, their child or other entity represented by the user, the user is authorized by such individual/ Entity to accept the policy on his/ her behalf.