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Department of Ophthalmology

The Department of Ophthalmology at Apex Hospital provides quality eye care treatment facilities to patients suffering from different types of eye diseases. Delivering comprehensive eye care under one roof, our team includes highly experienced ophthalmologists and eye specialists who provide world-class treatment facilities to patients who come from different sections of society. The ophthalmologists performed diverse types of medical and surgical procedures. The procedures include commonly performed procedures such as diagnosis and monitoring of mild eye infection and problems related to vision correction.

If the patient is experiencing symptoms of chronic or severe vision problems, it is recommended to consult the ophthalmologist or an eye specialist. The commonly experienced symptoms of eye infections include bulging eyes, blocked vision, misaligned eyes, excessive tearing, problem in the eyelid, visibility of flashes of light, loss of peripheral vision, visibility of coloured circles or halos around the light, unexplained eye redness. The risk of eye diseases can also further increase if the person is suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, HIV, diabetes, thyroid conditions, and hereditary reasons.

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