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Obesity in India

Why is this world mad about weight loss?

It’s their life let them be, why are we wasting our energy when there are so many in need those need help.

Let’s see what obesity does to people.

Economic impact

World spends 400 thousand crore rupees on obesity related illness. Obese people are paid 14% less than someone same weight & qualification. Obese women get 21% less promotion than their normal peers.

Social life

Obese kids are involved in more fights in school & get 43% less marks than kids of normal weight. There are 3 times more divorces if one of the two couples seriously obese.

Let’s talk about life span

By decreasing one unit in BMI you add two more years to your life. Cardiac disease, cancer & kidney failure accounting for most of the deaths.

It’s the second biggest preventable killer after smoking.

Let’s fight it together.

Dr. Sachin Jhawar

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MRCS , ARFCS
Director - Laproscopic & Bariatric Surgery

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